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iSight Logic Board 28 Capacitors Kit

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Product Description

High quality, low ESR, high temperature, long life, and high current rated motherboard grade Apple iSight logic card capacitors kit includes the following capacitors:

  • 6.3V 1500μF 10mm x 12.5mm (qty 3)
  • 6.3V 1800μF 10mm X 16mm (qty 14)
  • 16V 120μF 6.3mm x 11mm (qty 3)
  • 16V 680μF 10mmx 12.5mm (qty 6)
  • 16V 1000μF 10mm x 16mm (qty 2)

All caps are brand new, just manufactured, and are the exact physical size of the original caps on the iMac iSight motherboards, making it much easier to replace them.

This product is available for the Apple iMac iSight motherboards. Save hundreds of dollars on iMac repairs with this do it yourself repair kit.

For more information about the iMac repair, and additional information (with detailed pictures) on how to replace your Apple iMac G5 motherboard capacitors, go to JimWarholic.com and read about Repairing iMac G5 Motherboards with DIY how-to instructions, videos, pictures, cap circuit board position layouts, and extremely helpful tips. Note the capacitor layout, with a detailed picture, can be found here at: Apple iMac G5 iSight Logic Board.

Also note that there are at least two different iSight logic cards. Verify which iSight G5 you have.

Don't forget to also add to your order from my tools category section the:
12-in-1 Magic Precision Screwdriver extends to 8 1/4 inches overall length. With Torx bits included in the handle for the logic board and other hardware removal.

These other items can typically be shipped within the same flat rate shipping package with the capacitors.

To purchase other items, click the categories link at the top, and add items to your shopping cart.

Be sure to double check your iMac iSight G5 powersupply capacitors too.

Feel free to ask your questions anytime to Mac Jim.

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