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Amazing Chip Quik Lead Free Unsoldering Kits Now Available


Quote from a customer (quick quik):

"The Chip Quik made the job so much easier than you can imagine."


CHIP QUIK®  SMD-1  Patented SMD Removal Kit - Removes SMD's and Discrete Components Safely & Easily with Chip Quik and a Soldering Iron.

This amazing kit, with the patented Chip Quik was designed for doing replacements of surface mount components quickly, easily, and effectively. Now, another ideal application for Chip Quik is for replacing discrete components such as electrolytic capacitors, transistors, resistors, and diodes quickly, easily, and effectively on today's thick lead free circuit boards.

Check out this video:


  • Breakthrough in Surface Mounted Technology! Now remove other circuit board components too! - Finally a breakthrough in removing Surface Mounted Devices (SMD's) from printed circuit boards and difficult to remove lead free motherboard components.
  • Low Temperature Rework - Removes QFP's, PLCC's, SOIC's, and chip components under 300 degrees Fahrenheit... 150C
  • Fast, Safe, Easy to Use - Eliminates the need for complex expensive equipment. Learn how to desolder SMD's in minutes
  • No Expensive Tips or Nozzles - No need to stock a large inventory of tips and nozzles
  • No Damage to PC Board or Adjacent Components - No more--burning of board and chips, lifting pads or lands, reflowing adjacent components, damage to double sided boards, throwing pc boards away because of no reliable removal methods
  • CHIP QUIK® is now used extensively in all sections of the Electronic Industry - Consumer, Industrial, Manufacturing, Automotive, Telecommunications, Medical, Avionics, Engineering, Robotics, Prototype, R&D, Aerospace, Communications, Education, Research, Gaming, Government, Hobbyist and more.


    SMD-1 Kit Content:

    • 2.5 ft. CHIP QUIK® Material - Removes 8-10 SMD'S
    • 1 cc Syringe of CHIP QUIK® No Clean Rework Paste Flux
    • Alcohol Pads for Cleanup
    • Complete Instructions for SMD Removal and Cleanup

How to Remove Bad Caps Quickly and Easily on Apple Logic Boards and Other PCBs

Here is the how to procedure to easily remove capacitors on thick motherboards that have been soldered with lead free solder. Simply add a small drop of the flux to the bottom pad where the capacitor comes out of the hole, and melt a bit of the included Quik Chip metal alloy, and you will be able to quickly unsolder the hard to melt lead free solder on the circuit board, and then you will be able to remove the capacitors with much greater ease.


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