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New Apple iMac G5 Power Suppy Kits


Stronger and More Reliable Apple iMac G5 Power Supplies

Apple iMac G5 PowersuppliesApple has a large number of different power supplies all designed and manufacture for their iMac G5 line of computers; many of which seem to be turing into rotten apples for their owners. With all of these variations in PSUs comes the challenge to keep Apple iMac G5s running for the long haul. As is typically the case, there seems to be a planned or unplanned obsolesce built into the composite designs of all computers and electronics equipment manufactured today.

Well the good news is, at J West Sales, we have the solution with mother board and power supply repair kits designed to tackle over ninety percent of all the PSU and MOB problems, at a fraction of the cost of buying new power supplies and mother boards, and/or a savings of a ton of money from not having to purchase a brand new Apple computer.

We have just added a 5'th powersupply capacitor repair kit designed to give iMac owners maximum life expectancy and performance improvements to their Apple iMac G5 computers.

The capacitor repair kits are all sized with low ESR, switching power supply and motherboard rated, long life, high temperature ratings (105 degree C) and high ripple current rated caps, with the idea of making the power supplies stronger, improving the MOB performance, and extending the service life of the Apple iMac G5 computer for a long time to come.

www.JWestSales.com website has the information, instructions, products, links, customer service, and support you need to fix your Apple iMac G5 computer today. Keep your favorite Apple iMac running for the long haul, with performance and reliability improvements with new upgraded components now.